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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

 2014-2015 Orchard Park Staff 

​PrincipalG. Jacobs
​Vice-Principal​M. Francis

J. Earle/ G. Molenaar (DECE)

​Kindergarten​T. Sopha / J. Munro (DECE)
​Kindergarten J. Elliott/ C. Adams (DECE)
​Grade 1
K. MacDonald
​Grade 1/2
​J. Caldwell
​Grade 2


​Grade 2/3N. Chute
​Grade 3C. Finney
​Grade 3
​S. Gerkema
Grade 4
P. Coville
​Grade 4/5
​A. Murray
​Grade 5
B. Downer
​Grade 5
​D. Billark
​Grade 6
K. Duprey
​Grade 6​K. Soutar
​Grade 7
D. Henderson
​Grade 7G. Hughes
​Grade 8​P. Casselman
​Grade 8​J. Stevenson
​Primary Learning Centre​C. MacIsaac
​Jr. Learning Centre​C. MacIsaac
​Developmental Skills​C. Hingley
​Developmental Skills​S.Olimer
ASD ClassK. Leatherdale Baker 
​Frech as a Second Language​P. Wattiez-Jeffryes
​French as a Second Language​H. Laba
​Library​K. Clipsham
​SERT​L. Bertils
S. Ritcey
​C. Anderson
​Planning Time​C. Szmyr
​Planning Time​S. Helleman
​D. Connor