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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

 2021-2022 Orchard Park Staff 

​PrincipalG. Jacobs
​Vice-PrincipalJ. Viherjoki
​Office Staff
​D. Tinline
J. Blunt

M. McFarlane / A. Langman (DECE)

​KindergartenT. Sopha / J. Munro (DECE)
 K. MacKinnon / K. Roach (DECE)
​Grade 1
K. MacDonald
​Grade 1

J. Earle

Grade 1
R. Drake / K. Frederickson
​Grade 2
B. Downer
​Grade 2
​J. Caldwell
​Grade 2/3
​K. Alkins
​Grade 3
A. Wara
Grade 3
K. Cook
​Grade 4
​P. Coville
​Grade 4/5
S. Nicholson
​Grade 5
S. Gerkema
​Grade 6S. Andrews
​Grade 6
A. Murray
​Grade 7S. Kemp
​Grade 7
L. Cornwall
​Grade 8
D. Henderson
Grade 8 
​L. Spottiswood
​Grade 8
​L. Chamot
Learning CentreL. Tucker
​Developmental Skills​C. Hingley
​Developmental SkillsC. Anderson
ASD ClassK. Leatherdale Baker 
​Frech as a Second Language​P. Wattiez-Jeffryes
​French as a Second LanguageM. Desroches
​Library​K. Wallace
​SERTE. Denny
P. Casselman
​D. Connor
Planning Time (Music)
D. Connor
​Planning Time
​S. Olimer
​Planning TimeK. Frederickson
​Planning Time
​C. McMillan
​Support Staff: 
​N. Sanderson
M. Angliss
K. Sellwood
L. Maclean
S. Henderson
J. Gibson
A. Laughlin
A. Chisholm
R. Bernier
J. Hambly
L. Gleadall
J. Roi
C. England
R. Walt
B. Tolland
C. Denne
S. Knight
R. Nelsons
​D. Sprunt
B. Thomson
I. Pilon